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How to get the Sharpshooter title in PUBG Mobile

How to get the Sharpshooter title in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been dominating the battle royale niche since its release. With over 100 Million downloads on the Google Play Store, the title is ruling the mobile gaming market and achieving new heights every day.

The free-to-play battle royale game boasts several unique titles allowing users to brag in front of their teammates. One such title is ‘Sharpshooter‘ in the list of PUBG Mobile achievements. Although it isn’t pretty new, the demand for the Sharpshooter title is still high.

How to get the Sharpshooter title?

Deadeye Title in pubg mobile -Easiest way to complete Sharpshooter  Achievement [HINDI] - YouTube

To get the Sharpshooter title in PUBG Mobile, you have to kill 3 enemies in a row that are 50 meters away with a headshot in solo matchmaking. Moreover, there’s one more condition, you can’t miss a single shot or else you need to start from the beginning. Also, make sure you’re in Platinum or above tier to be eligible for it.

Contrary to other titles, this one is a bit difficult to claim. Nevertheless, we have got some tips and tricks covered for you to bag the Sharpshooter title easily.

Tips & Tricks to easily claim Sharpshooter title in PUBG Mobile

  • Use DMRs and Sniper rifles like Mini14, SKS, Kar98K, AWM, and more.
  • Drop on a safe place like Perry Fier and Ruins and hunt for the bots.
  • Play on an inactive server like KRJP to encounter more bots in the match.
  • Camp around Airdrops to easily get kills from a 50m distance.
  • Last but not least, land in the end to kill AFK players.
PUBG Mobile : Easiest Title to get in the Game

Once you complete all the objectives, you’re all set to claim the popular Sharpshooter Title in PUBG Mobile. Go to the Achievement tab to claim your reward and 30 Achievement points.

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How to get the Sharpshooter title in PUBG Mobile


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