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Cash and Ryo are the main currencies in Roblox Ninja Tycoon. Unfortunately, Ryo is way more hard to get than Cash. By reading this guide, you will learn how to get Ryo in Ninja Tycoon. Even though it requires a lot of time, this article will show you the most effective way of obtaining Ryo.

How to Obtain Ryo in Ninja Tycoon

The only way to get Ryo in Ninja Tycoon is to obtain it by picking up scrolls dropped by killing bosses. The stronger boss you beat, the more scrolls and Ryo you will get. And below, there is a list of all bosses and their scrolls. Also, take into account that the chance of getting a scroll by defeating bosses is only 10%.

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F-RankRogue Ninja, Reanimated Ninja
S-RankKaguyai, Jigan, Tenth Beast, Coldjason

Best Ways to Defeat Bosses in Ninja Tycoon

Once you know that Ryo can be obtained by defeating bosses, it is time to find out the best ways to fight bosses in Ninja Tycoon. Unfortunately, without Game Passes, it might be pretty challenging to defeat potent bosses like Kaguyai or Jigan. 

The best Nongame Pass way to kill bosses is to use Amaterasu. This powerful Uchiha skill is a perfect high-range attack that allows you to quickly deal a lot of damage. Also, you can purchase a Shuriken and use it to kill bosses. Even though it is less effective than Amaterasu, it is a perfect option for beginners who want to farm Ryo.

That’s it with getting Ryo in Ninja Tycoon. Getting tons of Ryo requires a lot of time, even if you use Amaterasu or Shuriken. Also, there are many more ways to beat bosses effectively using Game passes. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to beat Door 100 in Roblox DOORS.

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How to Get Ryo in Ninja Tycoon – Roblox Guide


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