Monster Hunter Rise

Among the Guild Card Awards included in Monster Hunter Rise, there is one that can be a little annoying to unlock, as you will be required to speak to multiple NPCs, some of them pretty easy to miss.

To unlock the Runner’s Sandals award, you have two choices. The first is to explore every nook and cranny in Kamura Village to find every NPC. The second is to continue reading this guide to reach these elusive NPCs without wasting a single second!

How To Unlock The Runner’s Sandals Award In Monster Hunter Rise

To unlock the Runner’s Sandals Award, all you need to do is speak to all NPCs in Kamura Village at least once. Many of them will interact with you while you proceed through the story, but a few ones will not, so if you do not actively seek them out, you will not be able to unlock this Award.

In Kamura Village, you will have to interact with 19 different humans. Most of them are very easy to spot, with the exception of Tsukiri, the sailor carrying a pole that can be usually found walking around the port, and Hobashira, a sailor that can be found in the port.

Once you are done with all Human NPCs, you can turn your attention to buddies. There are 8 buddies to interact with, the easiest to miss being Zenchi, a Palico who can be found on a roof near the Steelworks, and Ikari, another Palico who can be found sleeping to the left of Steelworks. This last Palico doesn’t spawn every time, so reload your game if you cannot find it to make it spawn.

Now that you are done with the main village, you can focus on interacting with all NPCs in the Gathering Hub. There are 6 humans and 6 buddies to interact with in the area. All humans are very easy to spot, so you should have no trouble finding them. Of the 6 buddies, the hardest to find are Badum and Tish, who can be found playing the drums to the left of the hub’s entrance. Make sure to not change the regular background music, however, as they do not appear if you do for some reason.

After you are done with the Hub, head over to Buddy Plaza to interact with the 2 humans and 4 buddies. Of these characters, the Palicos Kotori and Chino are the ones you may never interact with, if you do not seek them out. They are close to Rondyne, so search the area and you won’t have trouble spotting them.

At this point, the only NPCs you have to interact with are the two Palicos in your room: Fukashigi and the Housemate. As you will interact with the Housemate early in the game for story reasons, you will only have to seek Fukashigi out: it is hidden behind the wall scroll right past the Housemate.

The final NPC you need to interact with to unlock the Runner’s Sandal Award is Sekirei, the Palico in the Training Room. As you probably did go in there at least once during your time in the game to try out different weapons, you probably will not have to interact with it to unlock the reward.

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