How to Get Rich and Farm Money in Merchant Master – Guide and Tips

How to Get Rich and Farm Money in Merchant Master - Guide and Tips

Running your own business is always not easy and of course, you want to always have income, as well as to increase it. In this article, we will find out what determines the income in the mobile game Merchant Master, as well as how it can be increased.

What Determines the Income in Merchant Master

Of course, your income depends primarily on the number of your Craftsmen and on their level. The higher the level of your Craftsman, the better the quality of his work and, accordingly, the higher the income from his activities.

How to Increase Income in Merchant Master

Various stores and banks are responsible for the income in this game. If you have a Craftsman in a building, this also increases your income. But the main way to increase income is to upgrade the Craftsmen. As we have said, the better your master, the higher the income from his work. It is also very important to level up your bank. This will increase the income received from the Craftsmen.

In addition, there is another secret to increasing income. During the income event, before participating, remove your Craftsmen from the building. This will lower your income. And start taking part in the event. The system will remember your amount and until you reach this minimum at the event, you will not go any further. When the amount is collected, put your Craftsmen back, preferably those who give you the most income. And thus, during the event, you will be able to notably increase your regular income.

Here is such a simple way. We hope this guide was useful to you and you will get rich as quickly as possible.

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How to Get Rich and Farm Money in Merchant Master – Guide and Tips


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