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How to Get Red Crystal in Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG

How to Get Red Crystal in Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG
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Red Crystal, or Crimson Ore, is a highly valuable resource in Rumble Heroes. When you play the game, you need to collect various items like wood, gold, gems, and more. Red Crystal is one of the rarest and most important resources in Rumble Heroes. It’s used to unlock additional spaces for party members, which increases your overall attack power.

If you’re new to Rumble Heroes, you might not be familiar with Red Crystal. In this guide, we will show you the best ways to obtain Red Crystal in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG.

Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG – Guide to Farming Red Crystal

The easiest and fastest way to get Red Crystal is by purchasing limited-time offers from the in-game store. However, many players prefer to play the game for free and avoid spending money. Fortunately, Rumble Heroes provides opportunities to obtain these rare Red Crystals for free by clearing dungeons. There are different types of dungeons in Rumble Heroes, and all of them have a chance to drop Red Crystals.

1) Wild Dungeons

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As you explore the vast world of this RPG mobile game, you will come across dungeons. By unlocking new regions, you will find wild dungeons filled with monsters. Once you defeat all the surrounding monsters, the wild dungeons become available for raiding. You can raid these dungeons and have a chance to obtain Red Crystals upon successful completion.

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2) Rift Dungeons

Upon reaching level 40, you will unlock Rift Dungeons in the Challenge tab. Rift Dungeons are a great way to acquire rare cards and Red Crystals. By playing Rift Dungeons, you can obtain special red stones, which can be exchanged for Red Crystals once you reach stage 10. However, Rift Dungeons can be challenging for new players and are mostly recommended for veterans.

3) Dungeon Portal

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While playing Rumble Heroes, you will come across various maps that lead to different dungeons. These maps can be accessed through the Dungeon Portal, which teleports you directly to these dungeons. Only some maps have a chance to drop Red Crystals.

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Make sure to select a map where Red Crystal is listed as one of the possible drops and raid it. If you’re lucky, you will be rewarded with Red Crystals upon successfully clearing the dungeon. You can purchase maps from the shop by watching an advertisement or spending gems.

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How to Get Red Crystal in Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG