How to Get Rare Pet in MIR4


Mir4 is an exciting free-to-play open world fantasy MMORPG game that takes heavy inspiration from the original Legend of Mir game on PC.

The game is now available on mobile devices and it’s filled with areas to explore and features stunning graphics and impressive action and PVP battles.

In this article we’ll be giving you a detailed guide about spirits pets and how to get the rare ones. So without further ado, let’s get into the ways you can acquire a rare spirit pet in Mir4.

Using Gold or Coppers in the Shop


First off, you will have to unlock the first slot at the spirit area and in order to unlock this you must first upgrade the portal from the Conquest menu. After you have arrived at the Conquest menu, you’ll need to scroll to the right a little bit to find the Portal.

Click on the Portal and upgrade it to atleast level 5 because the spirit slot is only unlocked at that level. And if you can upgrade it to level 10, that will also unlock the 5th spirit slot as well.

So if you want to acquire rare spirits (pets), one of the best ways of getting them is via the Daily Common Product or the Summon that’s located in the Shop.

You can buy Summons with gold but you’ll need to farm coppers daily in order to buy the summon tickets from the Daily Common Product section. These items cost from 60,000 coppers to 240,000 coppers.


It’s not very easy to get gold in Mir4 so we don’t advice buying the summon tickets with gold. But If you’ve acquired enough coppers and you want to increase your chances of getting a rare pet(s), you will have to spend thousands or even millions of coppers.

There’s also a duration cap when buying the summon tickets with coppers. Some of the items can become sold out and will only be avat after several hours. And there are some which you can only purchase once everyday.

Usually, there are higher chances of getting common pets (spirits) than it is to get the rare ones when you use coppers. However, even if a spirit is not in the Rare category, there’s a little bit of benefit that comes with summoning common spirits and one of those benefits is that they can increase your stats via Power Score.

Completing Mystery Quests


This is another interesting way of getting rare pets in Mir4. There are several quests that are laying around in the Mystery section that you can complete and earn rewards.

One of the quests that rewards you with spirits is the Myriad Needle quest. After completing a quest, you can click on any of the scrolls to see the list of rewards you’ll get. And amongst them is the Greenfinch RingRing rare pet that you can summon.

Getting to Level 50


Another method of getting a free rare spirit pet in Mir4 is by reaching level 50. Once you clock level 50, you’ll be rewarded with lots of items and seen above and one of those items is a guaranteed Rare Spirit Stone Box.

So if you’ve been very unlocking trying to get a rare spirit pet using gold or coppers, you’ll be rewarded with a guaranteed Rare spirit pet once you get to level 50. Sure it’ll take a lot of gameplay time but it’ll be worth it.

There are many ways to get rare spirits in Mir4 such as opening treasure chests and just by playing the game, exploring areas and fighting enemies.


And spirits differ in abilities. While some might increase your stats, others will reduce it. So you need to have many spirit pets and for different uses. Some can be used specifically for mining, others for farming, and even for PvP. And then there are some beautiful spirit pets that you just want to take with you wherever you go.


That’s it for our guide on how to get rare pets in Mir4. We hope our guide has been helpful to you in securing atleast one or two rare pets in the game. They aren’t easy to come by like the common pets but when they do, they’ll be worth the wait.

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How to Get Rare Pet in MIR4


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