How to Get Ram Rune in Dead Cells

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Dead Cells is one of the most popular roguelike games nowadays. Also, it has some elements of Metroidvania because of the special artifacts called Runes. They provide your character with new abilities that allows you to reach new location and levels. Ram Rune is one of these artifacts and it can be problematic to get. This guide will tell you how to obtain Ram Rune in Dead Cells.

How to Obtain Ram Rune in Dead Cells

Ram Rune in Dead Cells is a magic artifact that provides your character with a special ability. It allows you to perform something like a stomp attack when you jump. With such ability, you will be able to break the floor in certain locations and reach new levels of this game. However, this Rune may be a problematic item to get. All Runes in Dead Cells are available when defeating a special enemy. All of the enemies that keep these Runes are mini-bosses or bosses. So, you will need to find them.

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In order to obtain Ram Rune in Dead Cells, you will need to defeat the special elite variation of Slasher. You are able to find this enemy at the level called Ossuary. It is a third-level biome that appears to be a bloody prison with lots of chains and instruments of torture. If you want to go to this location you have to get Teleportation Rune that you can find in Toxic Sewers. Without this artifact, you will be unable to reach most of the locations in Ossuary and get Ram Rune.

The first thing you need to find is a special room. It is located in front of a switch-operated door. The room you need to find is huge and filled with spikes. There you will encounter the elite Slasher with its minions. Once you defeat this mini-boss you will get a lot of rewards including Ram Rune.

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How to Get Ram Rune in Dead Cells


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