How to Beat the Giant in Dead Cells

How to Beat the Giant in Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a very hardcore roguelike game. There are many difficult stages you will need to deal with. In this game, you will encounter lots of enemies and traps. However, bosses are the most problematic thing to deal with in this game. There is a huge amount of them and today we are going to talk about one of the biggest ones. This guide will tell you how to defeat The Giant in Dead Cells.

How to Defeat the Giant in Dead Cells

The Giant in Dead Cells is a tier 2 special boss you can encounter in Guardian’s Heaven. It looks like a giant skeleton with huge fists and a crown on its head. The boss itself doesn’t move too much during the fight and you have to deal only with its hands. However, you will need to learn its attack patterns.

The first thing you can see when you fight this boss is that it has two hands moving around the arena. These are the only thing you can damage at the beginning of the fight. When you take down one of these hands it stops moving and falls on the arena. At this moment The Giant’s eye will appear above the arena and you will be able to deal damage to it. By doing this you will deal damage to the boss itself as it doesn’t receive any damage when you hit one of its hands.

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There are a few attacks you need to dodge during this fight. Both hands are able to perform these attacks. So, you should expect them incoming from both sides. Here is the list of all attacks of The Giant:

  • Power Charge – The boss raises one of its hands and charges the power. You can see the level of its charge on The Giant’s shoulder pads. Once it has three stacks of this charge the boss uses a special attack that shoots red projectiles in all directions.
  • Punch – Puts one of its hands on the edge of the arena and performs horizontal punch.
  • Smash – Deals vertical punch and creates waves of fire with it.
  • Volley – Shoots a couple of red projectiles from one of its hands.
  • Laser Beams (When the boss has its HP dropped to 75%) – Shoots laser beams from its eyes. Doesn’t deal damage but pushes you to the middle of the arena.
  • Hulk Smash (When HP is dropped to 50%) – Deals a vertical slam with both of its hands and creates flame waves. Also, it causes crystal stalactites to fall from the top of the arena.

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How to Beat the Giant in Dead Cells


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