How to Get Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

Clan Capital Update

After teasing the update for weeks, Supercell has finally released Clash of Clans: Clan Capital Update. The popular mobile strategy game had been lacking new content for months. At last, Supercell released an unexpected massive update bringing loads of new content.

In the new update, every clan has a huge base called Clan Capital which is to be developed and created with the help of all clanmates. Clash of Clans is, at last, becoming more about team play than individual gameplay.

Clan Capital Update has brought a couple of new resources: capital gold and raid medals. Capital gold can only be used in Clan Capital, but raid medals are helpful for the builder base and main village. In this article, you will learn about raid medals and how to get them in Clash of Clans.

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Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

Participate in raid weekends and capital raids to earn raid medals.

In Clash of Clans, you can earn raid medals by participating in Capital Raids. Capital Raids are held during the weekends. Raid weekends start every Friday and end on Monday. If a clan decides to join in a raid weekend, clanmates will get to attack the capitals of enemy clans.

Raid medals are given to participants at the end of the raid weekend. The number of raid medals obtained by players in a Capital Raid depends on the districts destroyed and how well their own districts defended against enemies.

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Use Raid Medals to Buy Items from Trader

Raid medals and trader

Clan Capital Update has made many improvements to the trader. Players can use gems and raid medals to buy resources and magic items. Raid medals can be used to purchase the following items from Trader:

  • 2500000 Gold for 300 Raid Medals
  • 2500000 Elixir for 300 Raid Medals
  • 25000 Dark Elixir for 300 Raid Medals
  • 1000000 Builder Gold for 250 Raid Medals
  • 1000000 Builder Elixir for 250 Raid Medals
  • Training Potion for 100 Raid Medals
  • Clock Tower Potion for 100 Raid Medals
  • Power Potion for 150 Raid Medals
  • Hero Potion for 150 Raid Medals
  • Resource Potion for 200 Raid Medals
  • Research Potion for 200 Raid Medals
  • Wall Ring for 300 Raid Medals

Players can save their raid medals from Capital Raids to buy the above items.

Buy Reinforcements using Raid Medals

Raid medals will become a valuable resource to players with in-active clanmates. Instead of waiting for them to come online and give donations, players can now use raid medals to buy reinforcements for their clan castle. The number of raid medals required to buy reinforcements depends on troops, spells, and siege machines.

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How to Get Raid Medals in Clash of Clans


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