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Being a free to play title, Madden 21 Mobile generates revenue via microtransaction, and this is the reason why the game offers more than one form of stamina. Keeping normal stamina aside, the program stamina in Madden 21 mobile is used to play events in limited programs, therefore, the players are in constant need of program stamina. Furthermore, this gives rise to the question, how to get program stamina in Madden 21 mobile?.

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There are only a few ways to get the program stamina in Madden Mobile 21, the first way is by using microtransactions, the second way is by using tokens from Madden Weekly to open program crate, the third way is by waiting – as the program stamina in Madden Mobile 21 regenerates overtime, and the last one is indirect – by getting Field Pass.

All different ways to get Program Stamina in Madden Mobile 21

Program Stamina in Madden 21 Mobile is hard to come by, but still, there are a few ways in which players can get Program Stamina to complete events in limited programs.

1.) Microtransactions

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Players can buy program stamina in Madden 21 Mobile using the game’s shop –> core tab. For around 6.99 USD players will get instant 200 program stamina, the purchase option is limited to two times, as after that for the same amount players will only get 100 program stamina in Madden 21 Mobile.

2.) Program Crate

Make sure to complete Madden Weekly challenges, as by using 2000 tokens, players can get around 40-200 program stamina in Madden 21 Mobile by opening the program crate.

3.) Patience is Virtue

The Program Stamina in Madden 21 Mobile regenerates over time, so waiting is yet another way to get program stamina in the game, though trust us! you have to wait a lot for a few program stamina.

4.) Field Pass and Program Stamina Vouchers

By getting the field pass in Madden 21 Mobile, players get 10 program stamina vouchers that they exchange for around 1000 program stamina.

That’s all, if you know of any other way of getting program stamina in Madden 21 Mobile, please do mention it in the comments down below.

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