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How To Get Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley

How To Get Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a fine simulation game and one of the most popular farming games on mobile with millions of players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and other compatible platforms. There’s a lot you can do in the game from rearing domestic animals to gathering useful resources to help you survive.

One of the biggest chores in Stardew Valley is grinding through the game’s Wizard quests. And the Prismatic Jelly quest is a complicated one to complete as you’ll be tasked with finding a rainbow jelly. To find one, you’re going to need Prismatic Slime which isn’t easy to come around. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley.

How To Get Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley

To get Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to get the Prismatic Jelly Special Order from the Wizard first. Failing to do this means the slimes will not spawn, so you need it. After getting the Special Order, it will spawn 1.2% of the time give or take. Fortunately for players, a Prismatic Slime will always drop Prismatic Jelly as well and you simply need it to appear once.


It’s worth noting that the best place to farm Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley is the fifth floor of the Mines because there’s a consistent slime source that doesn’t actually have any danger. And you can continue respawning the room to attempt to get the slimes to spawn as well.

This can be done by either leaving the mine or coming back and just shifting through the floors after floor 5. And although this may take a couple of days to complete, the high spawn rate of slimes on early floors makes the Prismatic Slime consistent, giving you like a 100% chance of getting one.

Once you’ve completed the quest by bringing the Prismatic Jelly to the Wizard, you’ll be rewarded with 5,000 GP and Monster Musk. The Monster Musk will help boost the enemy spawn rate, making it double. It’s great for farming monsters and is recommended for farming rare drops.

So that’s all we have for you on how to Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley. We hope you’ve found the guide helpful and you can also check out our other Stardew Valley guides as well. Happy Gaming!

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How To Get Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley


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