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Where To Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Where To Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a fine simulation game and one of the most popular farming games on mobile with millions of players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and other compatible platforms. There’s a lot you can do in the game from rearing domestic animals to gathering useful resources such as wood.

And although normal wood is fine to use for many of the game’s early projects, players will have to gather Hardwood as they progress further in Stardew Valley because unlike normal wood, Hardwood cannot be found or harvested by simply chopping down trees, making them a bit hard to find. So in this guide, we’ll be showing you where to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley.

Where To Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

The game’s developers continue to update it regularly and with every new update, comes new ways of getting Hardwood. This has brought new recipes that make it essential for players to collect Hardwood whenever they need it.


And although some methods of getting Hardwood don’t require players to upgrade their Axe, this is one of the first things they ought to do before embarking to find Hardwoods because one of the best ways of finding Hardwood requires at least one Steel Axe.

Players can get Hardwood in Stardew Valley by chopping down multiple trees around the valley such as Mahogany Trees, Large Stumps, and Large Logs. Mahogany Trees can be chopped down with any Axe, but must first be planted and grown by a player. Large Stumps on the other hand, can be chopped down with a Copper Axe or better. Lastly, Large Logs can be chopped down with just a Steel Axe or better.

To get Mahogany Seeds, players can either shake or chop down Mahogany Trees, dig up a Mahogany Seed dropped from a fully grown Mahogany Tree, or chop up any other Hardwood source. The Seeds can also be gotten from Golden Coconuts from Ginger Island or dropped by Slimes in the Secret Woods. Players can also trade one Stingray for a Mahogany Seed with the Island Trader.

Lastly, can also be used to upgrade two buildings in Stardew Valley. Players will need up to 250 Hardwood and 50,000g to complete Farmhouse Upgrade 2. It will take 5 x Iron Bars, 100 Hardwood, and 10,000g to create a Stable.

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Where To Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley


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