How to Get Paddy Wagon in This Is the Police

How to Get Paddy Wagon in This Is the Police

The game This Is the Police is a kind of police station simulator wherein you play the role of the chief of police. There are two squads of policemen under your control, and your task is to send them to procedurally generated events. Depending on the event, you should choose police officers based on their skills and ranks.

In addition to this, other factors also affect the success of the mission, such as the car that you use to complete the mission. In this article, you will learn about such a car as the paddy wagon and how to get it.

How to Get Paddy Wagon in This Is the Police

The Paddy Wagon is a big enough vehicle, featuring a large rear compartment to carry a greater number of detainees.

This car is perfect for those events during which a large crowd of people appears. Thanks to this, you can compensate for the low rank of your police officers or their insufficient skills in dealing with a large crowd of people. But it is worth noting that if you have an experienced officer under your command, then without the paddy wagon, you will be able to do the job perfectly.

As for how to get the paddy wagon, you won’t be able to get it right after starting the game.

There are 2 ways to get a paddy wagon:

  • It can be obtained in a slightly illegal way. To do this, you will need to accept the task, help some people, and as a reward for your help, you will receive this car.
  • The second way is to wait for the appropriate task from the mayor’s office and also receive a paddy wagon as a reward.

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How to Get Paddy Wagon in This Is the Police


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