How to Get Oyster Fast in Terraria


Terraria is a game that is hard to overestimate. Over the years, many new bosses, quests, and items have been added to the game, and therefore the number of fans of the game continues to grow even now. The game has many items that will help you during your survival, some are optional but will be useful for you. Oyster is such an item, and today we will tell you how you can get it faster.

How to Get Oyster Fast in Terraria

Oyster is an item that you can get while fishing, but it requires you to fish in certain places. You can only catch oysters in or near the desert.

After capturing an oyster, you can open it, after which you will receive a Shucked Oyster with a 100% chance. There is also a chance to get other items:

  • White Pearl. For PC, the chance is 12.44%, and for console, 15.36%.
  • Black Pearl. For PC, the chance is 6.22%, and for console, 3.84%.
  • Pink Pearl. For PC the chance is 1.33%, and for console, it is 0.8%.

Pearl is a very useful resource, as it can be sold very expensively to merchants or used to create various luck potions.

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Oyster has a high catch %, and if you spend some time, you can easily catch an Oyster without any advice. But if you want to catch Oysters faster, here are some tips:

  • Use a fishing rod with +35% catch.
  • Use bait with a +20-30% catch.
  • Do not forget that you can only catch Oysters in the oasis.

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How to Get Oyster Fast in Terraria


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