How to Get Out of the Maze in Roblox The Maze Runner – Guide, Tips, Cheats

Roblox The Maze Runner Codes (February 2022)

Roblox The Maze Runner is a unique and cool mode based on the movie of the same name “The Maze Runner.” You, like other players, have to get out of the maze, but it’s not so easy to do it. In addition to the many intertwined corridors in the labyrinth, there are also Grievers – monsters eager to kill you. As night falls, the Grievers come out of their holes and begin to hunt for those players who did not have time to return to the safe place.

How to Get Out of the Roblox Maze

Four doors lead from the Glade to the Labyrinth. Only one of them will lead to the exit. The maze consists of two parts: inner and outer rings. While the inner ring is made up of small corridors, the outer ring has much larger corridors that will take you to the Exit.

Not much is known about Exit, here is what we do know:

  • Grievers live in pits near the exit;
  • Location is unknown;
  • It is behind section 7.

Map of the Maze

We managed to get a map of the maze, but we are not 100% sure that this map is correct and that all the nooks and crannies of the maze are correctly displayed on it. You can check the map yourself and write to us in the comments.

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In order to complete the Maze Runner mode, you need to know all the game mechanics well and of course, the maze itself, as well as have good equipment that will definitely come in handy for you to resist the Grievers.

1. Explore the Maze, Traps, and Hidden Mechanisms

In order to find a way out, you need to navigate the maze perfectly. There are places where you need to activate the buttons, which in turn will open new paths for you.

2. Get Good Gear

In order to get good equipment, you need to explore the maze in search of chests. You may come across locked chests that can be opened with a key, as well as a chest that can be taken to the clearing and get precious keys for it.

Pay attention that as soon as you pick up the chest, any player can kill you and take it away!

Explore the maze only during the daytime! If night falls and you stay in the maze, the Grievers can find you and kill you.

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How to Get Out of the Maze in Roblox The Maze Runner – Guide, Tips, Cheats


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