How to Get Mythical Pity in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator

How to Get Mythical Pity in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator

In the Roblox universe, the Anime Fighters Simulator game mode is the leader of all anime adventures on the platform. Created last year, the game was visited 407 million times and added to favorites by 946,000 gamers. At the same time, at least 50,000 users can be seen online every day.

The essence of the game Anime Fighters Simulator is to form a team of the best fighters who, united, must become invincible. But each hero is, some time will pass, and you will again have to collect a new gang. If you want a really top team, then you just need Mythical Pity – a high-class hero that can deal massive damage to opponents and increase overall efficiency during the battle.

How to Get Mythical Pity?

The only working method is a visit to the Star Shop. These are in-game stores located in every city on the map, and they all have different pricing policies. To buy a hero, the user will need yen – the currency in Anime Fighters Simulator.

To replenish your Mythical Pity team, you will have to save up 4,000 yen. This is a decent amount that will take a long time to drag. But on the other hand, in the Star Shop, you can be guaranteed to take an ordinary or rare Mythical Pity (randomly decides).

How to Earn Currency Fast in Anime Fighters Simulator?

Both beginners and experienced guys can quickly mine money. But the difference is that the locations and the amount of money will increase with the level. With each level, the yen will begin to accumulate faster.

The easiest way to earn money is to destroy the enemy. The option will be especially effective in locations with a large number of bosses.

Travel across territories, kill opponents, and complete mini-quests, in which you can also get stars as an addition to money.

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How to Get Mythical Pity in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator


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