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How to Get Mystical Piece Equipment in MIR4

How to Get Mystical Piece Equipment in MIR4
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In the popular MMORPG MIR4, a huge number of items will help your character become stronger in battles or mine more efficiently. Recently, the equipment menu got a new Mystical Piece tab. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Mystical Piece Equipment.

How to Get Mystical Piece Equipment

There are 6 equipment slots in total. Only the first one is available to you, the rest will appear after upgrading certain stages of the Tower of Victory. However, getting equipment for these slots is not easy.

First, you need to collect a special resource by completing the mission in the Snake Valley. As a reward, you will be given a Moonlight Stone. Now teleport to the Bicheon Area in the Arcadia Spirits Village, and find an NPC who can craft a Moonlight Stone Mystical Piece Box, for example, Shaoshao. However, this is where the problems begin. Crafting costs 10,000 Copper and 10,000 Dark Steel, and 10 Moonlight Stones are used as material and has only a 40% chance of successful crafting. And for the mission you will not be given more than 10 Stones, so your success depends entirely on luck.

And so, if you are a lucky person, you will receive the Uncommon Mystical Piece Box. Now open your inventory and use the Box. You can get one of 24 possible Mystical Piece.

The equipment will have fairly high stats. For example, Overwhelming Mystical Piece will give you a 1.1% damage boost from attacks against the boss. Hopefully, the developers will fix the crafting success rate or make Moonlight Stone more accessible.

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How to Get Mystical Piece Equipment in MIR4


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