How to Get More Survivors in The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors Codes

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a thrilling take on the epic TV series from AMC that sees players try survive in a zombie apocalyptic world by leaning on each other and gathering as many resources as possible.

One of the game’s major features is that it allows players to find and add new survivors to their team and grow bigger. This doesn’t only mean you’re growing in size, but it also means you’re increasing your chances of survival in the game.

So in this article we’ll be putting you through how to get more survivors in The Walking Dead: Survivors and enjoy the feel of the acclaimed zombie TV series.

How to Get More Survivors in The Walking Dead: Survivors

In this game, survivors can join your group in two ways. One of them is by rescuing them on a mission, and the other is by calling out for them by using a working radio in your camp.

Every survivor who successfully becomes a part of your group will take up a survivor slot. More slots can also be gained by purchasing them with gold or buying bundles that contains a survivor slot. The game also allows you to reject or turn down survivors. However, doing this will only grant you a small amount of experience points and a tiny percentage of the tokens that you’ve spent on them.

Players will be able to recruit survivors of a class once they’ve unlocked them by playing the Chapters in the game as well.

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How to Get More Survivors in The Walking Dead: Survivors


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