Greeting Provenants! We’re back today with another guide on Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians. Today we will be talking about the various currencies you can collect throughout your journey in Ravia. You might be confused as to what all these currencies can get you, but have no fear as we are here with our guide on how to get more stones and gems in Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians! We’ll explain how to get each currency and what you can spend them on!



Moonstone is obtained from competing the in the Player Versus Player arena. Note that you must play ranked matches in order to obtain a rank; unranked will not count towards earning moonstone! When you beat a player, your arena rank will go up for the current season. Once the season is over, you will be awarded moonstone depending on how high your rank is. You can see how much time is left in the season at the bottom of the arena main menu.

Moonstone can be spent on new and rare guardian cards. Some of these guardians you cannot obtain anywhere else, so if you see something you like, start practicing against real players!


Darkstone is obtained from completing daily quests. You also get a little bit for each daily sign in bonus. Be sure to sign in at least once every day even if you do not plan on playing in order to collect the bonus!

Darkstone can be spent on Essences, materials that you can fuse with your guardian cards for awesome boosts. For example, the Legendary Beast essences permanently increase your guardians’ stats, while Spell essences immediately level up that guardian’s spell.


Sunstone is also obtained from competing in the arena. Unlike Moonstone, you do not have to wait until the season is over to get it. After each arena match you are immediately rewarded with sunstone!

Sunstone can be spent on two different things: Fuzion cards and Runes. Fuzion cards, when fused with guardians, permanently increases the guardians’ fusion level and max level. Runes function like traditional equipment. Each guardian has a weapon rune slot, an armor rune slot, and so forth. The runes you can buy with sunstone are extremely powerful, but they cost a lot, so start saving if you want to buy them!


The most common currency and probably the one you have the most of, Starstone is obtained by earning stars on the campaign levels.

Starstone can be spent on normal rarity guardian cards. Each card is only 300 starstone, so you can easily add to your arsenal if you so wish. Just bear in mind that these cards are pretty weak as is, so you will need to do some outfitting and training before they are ready for a duel.


Soulgems are the appointed premium currency of Deckstorm. You can get them by earning all the stars in the campaign levels, and some of the daily log in days.

You can spend soulgems new card packs. The Starter Packs are a good place to start. They each cost a whopping 3000 soulgems but you are guaranteed to find one 5-star legendary guardian card inside that matches to the pack’s theme. If you are building towards a certain element, buy the pack that matches you! From there, you can choose from the Premium Packs. Your options are:

  • 500 soulgems for a 3 card pack, guaranteed one 2-star card or better
  • 1500 soulgems for a 10 card pack, guaranteed one 3-star and two 2-star cards or better
  • 3000 soulgems for a 10 card pack, as of now guaranteed “Asteria Moonburst” card. Per card draw in the pack you have a 2% chance for a 4-star and a 10% chance for a 3-star.

If you really want the Asteria Moonburst guardian card, you can save for the 3000 pack. Otherwise, we suggest sticking to the 1500 pack. Buying 3 of the 500 packs equals the same amount, although you would be short one card, not to mention that you have a better chance of finding higher rarity cards in the 1500 pack.

That’s all about the currencies in Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians. If you have any other tips about the currencies, let us know in the comments below!



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