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How to Get More Steel in White Out Survival

How to Get More Steel in White Out Survival
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Could you survive in a frozen wasteland with only basic skills and your quick wits to guide you? Whiteout Survival players know that the only way to make it is to keep the furnace burning, and to brave the blizzards, fearsome beasts and bandits to gather resources. Getting steel is essential for upgrades but where can it be found in the frozen apocalyptic world? Find out below how to get more steel in Whiteout Survival.

How to Get Steel Easily in Whiteout Survival

Most resources can be gathered from mines in your city: Iron Mine, Coal Mine, Sawmill, and Hunter’s Hut. These bustling buildings are full of workers grinding away each day producing everything you need to create more buildings, train up your troops, and prompt faster research. Each of these mines can be upgraded so they produce more materials to use across your growing city. Of course, as your city grows, so will your need for more shelters to house every citizen.

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Steel is essential for upgrading furniture and technology as your city grows, but it is not as easy to gather as wood or coal. Steel is gained in Whiteout Survival only by completing Exploration Stages and also by claiming Exploration Idle Income. It is absolutely essential to go exploring as much as possible because this is the only way to get steel for your people.

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Send out your strongest and fittest people to journey through the ice and snow to battle huge fierce creatures like the wooly mammoth or the polar bear! Keep fighting each stage of foe until your energy runs out or you have taken enough damage, then return to the village. If you are defeated you can upgrade or enhance your hero at the Hero Hall.

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To start with, you will have to send your villager out to fight but eventually, you will be able to auto-explore. This happens when you unlock Exploration Stage 5. There is also the Exploration Idle Income that occurs while you are busy elsewhere in the village. After you have spent some time upgrading buildings and unlocking heroes, check back in at the Exploration tab or the Explorer’s Cabin, and see that your hero has been travelling and gathering rewards for you! Claim these at any point on their journey by tapping the chest that says Claim.

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Good luck with your fight for survival, hero! If you need more hints and tips on how to get more survivors in Whiteout Survival and grow your city quickly.

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How to Get More Steel in White Out Survival


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