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How to Get More Survivors in Whiteout Survival

How to Get More Survivors in Whiteout Survival
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Brrrr! It’s cold in here! And truer words haven’t been spoken in Whiteout Survival where you’re trying to keep a group of humans alive in the aftermath of a glacial apocalypse. You start with a group of four survivors… and then you have to say goodbye to one, but your settlement needs a workforce! What will you do?

If you’re just starting this game, you may be confused about how to increase the number of people in your camp. We played the game, and we’re happy to share the information on how to get more survivors in Whiteout Survival so that your settlement can thrive.

How to Get More Survivors in Whiteout Survival

To get more survivors in Whiteout Survival, you will need to build more Shelters that can house them. As soon as you build another cottage with beds, you will be notified that new survivors joined your settlement. If they’re all healthy and rested, you can immediately set them to work where they’re needed.

This is the most straightforward answer to the question, but things are a bit more complex when you start playing the game as you can’t build Shelters whenever you want.

How to Build More Shelters in Whiteout Survival

Furnace upgrade Whiteout Survival
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To build more Shelters in Whiteout Survival, you will need to keep upgrading your Furnace. Each upgrade comes with a list of requirements you need to cover first before you can level up the main structure in your settlement, but it also unlocks new buildings that you can construct.

When you start the game, pretty much every Furnace upgrade comes with one additional Shelter that you can build. For example, at Furnace Level 6, you will be able to build your fifth Shelter.

Building Shelters is super easy—when you notice the new lot next to your existing Shelters, just tap on it and hit Build. It will be ready to receive new survivors in mere seconds.

However, you should know that, at the moment, you cannot build more than eight Shelters in total, which also puts a cap on the number of survivors you can have in your settlement in Whiteout Survival.

We hope you survive the cold long enough to leave us a comment on whether you found this guide useful. You can also pass the time during those freezing nights by checking out our Whiteout Survival codes article and redeeming the latest codes for free rewards!

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How to Get More Survivors in Whiteout Survival


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