How to Get More Slots in Roblox Mobile


Roblox Mobile is an app that gives players access to hundreds of different games. All Roblox games have different genres, gameplay, and even quality. And as you explore different worlds, you will need to use different items or abilities that can be equipped in Slots. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get more Slots.

How to Get More Slots

In Roblox Mobile, players only have 3 Slots available. And, of course, there are not enough of them to play comfortably. Therefore, many are looking for a way to increase the number of Slots. And fortunately, there is a way, but it only works on android devices.

First, you need to open your device settings and scroll down until you find the About Device tab. Usually, this tab is called About Phone, or Tablet depending on your device. Then you need to open Software Information.

Find the Build Number and click on it many times until a notification appears that you have been granted developer rights. Now scrolling down the general list of settings you will see a new item called Developer Options. In this tab, you will find many different settings. But you need to find the Minimum Width. It is better to scroll through the list slowly, or you will easily miss the desired option.

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When you find the Minimum Width, you need to change the number to 600. After that, you can close the settings and go to Roblox Mobile. When you enter any of your favorite Roblox worlds, you will see that your avatar has 5 Slots. Unfortunately, this method has several disadvantages. Firstly, after changing the Minimum Width, the fonts in your phone will be greatly reduced. Therefore, you need to constantly change the Minimum Width to the default value to use the device normally. And secondly, the method only works on android.

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How to Get More Slots in Roblox Mobile


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