There are a lot of well known characters from the TV series waiting to be collected in the recently launched The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, but the best ones are the rarest and the most difficult to get: three star, four star and five star characters.

I am sure you don’t want to go raiding or zombie killing with one and two star characters, so this article is here to help you a bit when it comes to getting more rare characters in The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, three stars and above.

Join an active faction
Whenever your leader is hired by your faction teammates in Roadmap missions or regular World Map missions, you earn supporter Tokens which can be used to open Basic Reward characters and weapons. Although you will mostly get crap out of these, you can get three star characters and weapons and it’s the easiest way to get them.

Spend your coins on characters
This is the easiest way to guarantee 3 star characters, if you have some money to spend or patience to get enough coins: for 250, you will get 1 rare characters, but if you go for packs, they will cost even less (2,200 coins for 10).

Look out for special events
There will be all sorts of special events and tournaments in the game that will either reward you with a lot of coins for free, or give you rare characters at reduced prices. Be on the lookout for those and whenever you see that option available, take advantage of it!

Road Map & Regular missions
Once you unlock the Road Map, you will get a chance to win some extra coins, rare characters or other items. The rewards are not great here, but anything is better than nothing.

Win tournaments
Tournaments are a great way to win some nice amounts of coins for free. Be active and raid other players smartly to rank as high as possible in the tournaments and you will get great rewards that will allow you to get a few extra rare characters for your team.

Train them!
The Training Ground, once upgraded, will give you the chance to unlock more than the already decent 2-star characters. Again, a free method even though you will rarely get three star and above characters.

These would be the main ways of getting rare characters in The Walking Dead: Road To Survival. It’s not much, but it sure can prove helpful in the long run.


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