Hello fellow Kingdom Hearts fans! We’re back with another guide on Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. Today we’ll be going over the methods we’ve found to earn jewels – the premium currency of the game – without paying real money. Please note that the ways are limited as of now but in the future the game will receive more ways to earn jewels. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our Kingdom Hearts Unchained X guide on how to get more jewels!

1. Log in every day!


Since the game just launched a couple days ago, every time you log in you’ll get a nice 50 jewels! You can log in every day for this bonus for the rest of the newcomer campaign, which should be going on for at least the rest of this week. You can also claim your daily log-in bonus, which is separate from the newcomer campaign. On the first two days, you’ll receive 50 jewels. For days three and four, you’ll get 100 jewels. For the fifth and final day, you’ll earn 200 jewels! This bonus resets once you’ve completed it, so make sure to check-in at least once every day!

2. Create or join a party!

Parties let you co-operate with your friends! When you join or create your first party, you’ll receive a nice 100 jewel bonus for doing so. So, if you haven’t already, you should join a party as soon as possible. Aside from that sweet, sweet jewel bonus, you will also be able to use your party member’s medals during battle, which is always a good thing to have!

3. Keep playing through the story!

As you progress through the story, you’ll sometimes receive a bonus reward chest containing a bunch of jewels. These chests are given every five quests you complete. This is not counting quests that you have already completed – you must be completing new one for it to count towards your chest reward. With that said, if you’ve exhausted your other methods of getting jewels, just play through some story quests and you’ll get some!

4. Spend your jewels wisely!

Since there aren’t many ways to earn jewels as of now, make sure that you’re spending them wisely! The only thing you should be using them on are medal draws. Let’s go over the various options.

  • You can spend 600 jewels to get three medals. This is a temporary offer and won’t last forever, and you can only do it once a day. This is probably the best option as of now if you’re looking to get some more medals.
  • You can spend 3000 jewels to earn 10 medals. This is obviously incredibly steep, but you’re guaranteed at least one 5-star medal, and you will most likely get more than that.
  • You can spend 300 jewels to get a medal. You should never do this option considering the first option is essentially buy two get one free!

We’ve read from other sources that limited rare medals will be introduced later, and you’re going to want to save some of your jewels for those. You can spend a bit on medals but not all!

That’s all for our jewel guide on Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. If you have any other jewel making tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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