Welcome back Touch Tap Players! We’re here with another guide on Colopl Rune Story. This time we’ll be going over the multiple ways of getting jewels without paying for them. The good news is that there are a lot of ways to get lots of jewels, so let’s get started with our guide on how to get more jewels in Colopl Rune Story!

1. Log in every day for the prizebox!

Hopefully you’ll been logging in at least once every day since our last guide, because the game is having a special launch event throughout November! If you log in daily, you’ll receive a special prizebox event reward! The event ends on the 30th of November, so be sure to log in at least once every day! To give you an idea of what is on the line, if you manage to get every daily reward, you’ll end up with 200 jewels!!

2. Log in for the daily bonus!

This is even accounting for the usual daily bonus, either! Aside from the November launch event, you can get a jewel for each consecutive day you log in. The amount of jewels you get increase with each day, so make sure not to miss a day. If you’re following the November prizebox event, you shouldn’t even have to worry about missing a day.

3. Complete all the objectives!

Each quest has three optional objectives you can tackle. Completing these objectives will reward you with a jewel, and if you manage to complete all three you’ll get some bonus jewels. The objectives are usually pretty easy to do, you just need to take your time to find all the chests and enemies. Explore every nook and cranny!

4. Fulfill the achievements!

If you tap on the yellow badge while you’re on the main menu, you’ll see a list of achievements. They all require you to do a specific thing and each one is worth rewards! Daily achievements are achievements that are only available for the day, and they change once the day is over. Missions and town achievements are related to their specific modes, respectively. These two are the ones you want to focus one – they have the most jewel rewards in them.

If you follow this guide you should end up with a ton of jewels! If you have any other jewel collecting tips or strategies, leave a comment below!


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