Welcome back Legendary Touch Tap Players! We’re back today with another guide on Legendary – Game of Heroes. Today we’ll go over the various methods of getting new hero cards in the game. As is the case with most collectible card games, you’ll want as many heroes in your team as possible, so let us help you get some new cards with our hero card guide for Legendary – Game of Heroes.

1. Join a Guild & Add friends ASAP!

As soon as you reach Player Rank 8, you should find and join a guild as soon as possible, preferably one with not too many members. Every time a player chooses your card as their ally card, you’ll earn 30 honor points in return. When you are chosen for any of the timed quests, such as Scavenge, Craft Potions, or Bounty Hunt, you will also be rewarded with honor points.

Honor points are used exclusively to buy Honor XP Packs from the card store. These packs contain one 3-star hero, one XP potion, one catalyst, stamina and gold. Honor XP packs are the cheapest and easiest method to gain new, decently ranked heroes, assuming you are chosen frequently. The reason we mentioned you should choose a guild with few members is that there is a greater chance you’ll be chosen for quests!

Alternatively, you don’t have to join a guild – just add some random adventurers as friends. When someone is one your friends list, you can choose their card specifically. Accepting new friends rewards you with 100 honor points, and getting your card chosen by a friend will net you 30 honor points.

2. Card Pack Options!

Here, we’ll go over the various card packs that you can spend your gems on and the pros and cons of each.

  • The Dark Slayers I pack contains one 3-star minimum slayer hero, priced at 300 gems. Slayer heroes are special heroes that deal more damage to raid bosses. As of now, the current raid event is “Sprawling Darkness”. The players and guild who deal the most damage to the bosses are rewarded with hefty amounts of gems, gold, and dark potions, plus a 4-star hero card. If you are going to participate in the raid events a lot, we recommend buying one pack to get a slayer hero to help you climb the ranks faster. If not, save your gems for the other options. Important to note: the slayer cards you get from this pack will only receive the damage bonus for this current raid, and not any future raids.
  • The Starter Pack contains four 3-star minimum heroes, a 4-star Lunia Abomination card, 50,000 gold, 100 stamina, and 20 XP potions, all for the price of 1,500 gems. If the items and gold sound nice to you, go ahead and buy this pack. Otherwise, keep saving…
  • The gold Premium Hero x11 pack is where things get good. For 5,000 gems, you get ten 3-star minimum heroes, and one 4-star minimum card. Keep in mind that any of those 3-star heroes can be a 5 or 6 star if you get lucky, and this card pack has the best odds considering it’s the biggest pull. This should be your main pack to save up for.
  • The silver Premium Hero pack costs you 500 gems for a single 3-star minimum card, plus three bonus cards that can be catalysts, XP potions, stamina, or gold. It’s kind of like a light version of the starter pack, so unless you want the items save your gems for the x11 pack, as it’s essentially a buy ten-get-one-free deal.

3. Consult the hero book for enemy card locations!

Low on gems? Have no fear, you can always get new hero cards the old fashioned way: go out and hunt them down yourself! The enemies you defeat in battle function as perfectly capable cards, so there’s no shame to using them. If you’re looking to capture a specific hero, you can look them up in the Hero Book. On the back side of each card, you can see which level hosts the hero.

Just be aware that most of the heroes you find in the levels don’t have much “potential”. That is to say, their maximum stars usually only go up to 3-stars, even as fully evolved heroes. As said before though, they’re are still good cards to use and should be enough to get you started until you can start pulling in some of the better cards through the shop.

That’s everything we have so far. If you have any other card collecting tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.


  1. Jeremy can I ask you a really quick question;

    I read your mini guide above and you mention slayers.

    Could you confirm something for me, I bought about £30 worth of packs as slater said it applied to raids, it now says it applies to this current raid only.

    Is my memory mistaken? As I’m pretty sure slayer stated in raids and didn’t specify which raid until yesterday.

    Any help on this would be really appreciated.

    (I checked in game but all slayer text seems to have been updated)

    • Hey Atieno,

      I checked the Dark Slayer pack info (tap the ? button on the card pack screen) and the description made it sound like Slayers would do increased damage in -any- raid event. However – I checked the description for the Deepmoss Songstress card I got from the slayer pack and on the back it says specifically “x3 Damage in Sprawling Darkness Raid”.

      So, you might be right about these cards’ damage bonus only applying to this specific current raid. It would also explain why the pack is called “Dark Slayers” instead of just “Slayers”. I don’t recall the specific wording about the pack info, but they may have changed it because it was possibly misleading.

  2. Hello Guys,

    Regarding the Slayers, they have a basic multiplier (x4 at 6 stars) that apply to every Slayer event, there are specific events when a specific Slayer can go up to 7x or 10x but it will be reverted back to the basic one as soon as the event ends, usually there is in the event store a certain card (goes up to 5 stars) that costs you 400 event coins, those cards happen to repeat in multiple events. So you can use those in your advantage. There are sometimes adjustments to the cards based just on a certain event but they also some basic and regular characteristics.

    Hope this was helpful

    Sir TalkALot

  3. I made 2 heroes at Level 6 without spend any real money… and a gear lvl 6 also… all you needs is gems around 2000 each tournament.. and 2000 gems are easy to get without spend money too… Aqil

  4. This game is a time and money sink. That is all I have to say. If the hero pool would be fixed and not have new added cards all the time it would be ok because slayers with a basic x4 multiplayer would be the main slayers of another events every now and then growing to x10 again. But no! They must add new themes and new cards all the time… there was the Star Wars inspired event, then a phantom of the opera, then a red riding hood, then Alice in wonderland… ffs. they can’t even make up their own lore and the purpose for making a new theme every event is solely for the sake of sucking all the suckers off off their phat wallets and purses to pay for the gems.

    To stay around top Kings already requires of you to be p2p not f2p and the a new event is every week. Six days event one day break…

    Some companies just don’t know where to draw the line for greediness. They just suck players dry, player base leaves, newcomers get attracted to cool graphics, also get sucked dry, leave and so on…


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