How to Get More Gold in Sword Master Story

Best Team Guide in Sword Master Story

How to get more gold quicker? – This is probably one of the most popular questions in the game. The simplest answer to this is that there is no shortcut. However, there are some tips you need to follow to earn more. Read the guide and you will find out.

How to Farm Gold in Sword Master Story

Unfortunately, the game provides a stamina system. Therefore, farming can not exist in the game. The only thing you can do is to increase your earning amount. How to do it? Read the list below.

Farm Adventure and Sell Extra Shards

It is one of the hardest, but still effective ways. You should use 5-star shards to transcend your gear. Everything else has to be sold for gold. Use stages you can complete from 4 to 10 seconds for instance.

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Buy the Second Limited Pack

This pack offers a 20% permanent gold earning bonus. It is available after you purchase the first pack, which gives a 20% experience bonus. Be sure, that is the best way to spend real money in the game.

Play PvP

The best in this option is that when you rank up, the acquired gold rate increases. It is a small amount, but still. However, PvP battles need a lot of rubins. So, be careful with it. 

Collect Gold From Guild Territory

You can collect taxes once per day. Generally, you will get quite a small amount, but it increases with your popularity. And to do it, you can patrol the main castle, it is the best way.

Remember that there are no easy ways to obtain gold. You will spend many hours in the game before you get a lot of gold.

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How to Get More Gold in Sword Master Story


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