Best Team Guide in Sword Master Story

Best Team Guide in Sword Master Story

In Sword Master, you need to obtain as many new heroes as possible. However, a few strong characters will not make you stronger. You need a powerful team. So, let’s find out what is the best team in Sword Master Story. Keep Reading below!

Slasher Team in Sword Mastery

Unfortunately, you can not get this team if you are a beginner. You need to be well experienced. So, if you already have some experience and resources, this team will be one of the best options to opt for.

Belphegor, Dark, Cayron, and Kana.

Belphegor is essential because her passive skill strengthens her and the team when you attack and kill enemies. Dark has one of the best active skills. However, the cooldown after using it is too long. So, you need to minimize her cooldown. You can do it up to 60%.

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Cayron offers very strong active skills and a tonne of boosts for the team. She needs to be used to clear enemy waves as well as bosses. And the last hero is Kana. She is mostly used to one-shot bosses. After using her ultimate, she becomes stronger and stronger. Also, Kana has an AoE attack from her sniper skill, this attack is very powerful.

To play with this team effectively you need to slow down the cooldown as much as possible and use your characters’ skills as frequently as possible. Also, try to maximize using active skills, they are quite effective in killing enemies. That is how it works. 

That is one of the best teams in Sword Master Story. Hope you consider this guide helpful.

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Best Team Guide in Sword Master Story


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