How to Farm Rubies in Sword Master Story

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Like in any other gacha game, in Sword Master Story you have to make a lot of summons to get a lot of characters. Not every summoned character will be useful in the game, and therefore you need to keep summoning until you have a strong team. For each summon, you will need rubies, and today we will tell you about all the ways to farm this valuable in-game currency.

How to Farm Rubies in Sword Master Story

There are many ways to get rubies in the game Sword Master Story, and the best way to farm this currency is to combine these methods:

  • You can farm rubies by completing daily quests.
  • Winning in the PVP game mode, you will also receive rubies.
  • Log into the game every day and spin the roulette. Depending on your luck, you can get different amounts of rubies.
  • Participate in boss raids. But for this method, you will need a strong team.

If you log into the game every day and try to use every farming method, in a week you will be able to accumulate at least 3000 rubies.

There is also another way to earn rubies, namely to use the codes that the developers kindly provide almost every month:

  • BDAYFEATURED – 300 Ruby
  • MAINTEN28 – 300 Ruby
  • FRICOUPON – 700 Ruby
  • SMS1BDAY – 600 Ruby

These are all the ways to farm rubies. Perhaps we missed something, and if so, we will be glad if you add information in the comments.

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How to Farm Rubies in Sword Master Story


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