Welcome back race fans! We’re back with another guide on Gear.Club. You’ll need a lot of gold bars – the premium currency of the game – if you want to afford the best cars. So, today’s guide will be covering the various ways to earn gold bars without paying real money. Let’s get started with our guide on how to get more gold in Gear.Club!

1. Login every day!

When you log into the game for the first time on a new day, you’ll receive a Connection Reward. On days three and six, you will earn a nice amount of gold. Even if you don’t plan on playing the game, be sure to launch it at least once every day so you can get your connection reward. If you miss any of the days, your reward will reset back to day 1. You have to stay consistent with it!

2. Earn all stars on a championship!

If you manage to complete every race with three stars in a championship, you’ll “perfect” the championship and receive some bonus gold as a result. Not only is this worth it in its own right, but you’re also making progress towards the auxiliary accomplishments in the game like achievements and missions.

3. Connect your Facebook account!

Have a Facebook account? Connect it to Gear.Club! When you connect for the first time, you’ll receive a nice 50 gold bars right off the bat. Not only is this great, but having a Facebook account connected also doubles the amount of cash and gold you get from the connection rewards mentioned in tip number 1. If you don’t mind it, connecting your Facebook account is a great way to earn more gold!

4. Always work towards missions and achievements!

Missions can be accessed by tapping the clipboard with the checkmark at the top right corner. Missions assigned by Jo often have gold as a reward, so always make sure to check what missions you have and do those first. As you complete them, they’ll be replaced with new missions. Max’s missions are timed but usually don’t offer gold, so you don’t have to worry about these too much.

Achievements are accessed by the medal button next to the missions. Achievements are just like missions but they are static and will remain there until they are completed. You will probably complete these achievements as you play the game normally, so you don’t have to worry about going out of your way to complete them. Just make sure to check back every now and then to collect your gold rewards for any you’ve completed.

That’s about all of the ways to earn gold without paying real money in Gear.Club. If you have any other methods we’ve missed, please leave a comment below!


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