Welcome back! We’re here with another guide on Mobile Strike. This time we will be looking at the various ways to get more gold – the premium currency – and VIP points. Both of these currencies will help you greatly on your quest for global domination, so let’s get started with our guide on how to get more gold and VIP points in Mobile Strike!

1. Join an Alliance!

Aside from the obvious benefits of joining an alliance, doing so for the first time will grant you a whopping 500 gold! Needless to say, you should try to join an alliance right off the bat. Not only will you be able to get help from your alliance members, you will get that really good gold bonus plus some gifts from your members as well.

2. Claim your supply crates!

Remember those supply crates we talked about in our previous guide? You’ll be glad to hear that sometimes these crates contain gold in them. But even better, sometimes they’ll contain VIP point boosters! VIP boosters will grant you a certain amount of VIP points, and once you hit a certain threshold, you’ll receive a level of VIP status. VIP status gives you a variety of bonuses, so try to have it on!

3. Login for VIP streaks!

So, the way VIP works is kind of interesting. Even if you don’t get any VIP point boosters from the supply crates, you can still receive some for logging into the game every day. Even better, if you can log in consecutively without missing a day, you’ll get a streak bonus. The longer you can go, the more VIP points you’ll earn each day. Be sure not to miss a day!

4. Save your time boosters!

There are two types of VIP items: point boosters and time extenders. Point boosters will add a permanent point increase to your VIP points, raising your total VIP level. However remember that once you level up in VIP, your VIP status extends for 24 hours. Once this runs out, you must hit the next level to get more time. OR, if you can spend a time extender item. Save these if you can’t keep up with the login bonuses!

Remember: just keep opening the supply crates and be sure to log in every day. If you have any other tips for getting more gold or VIP points, leave a comment below!



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