Hey every mino! We’re back with one more guide on Mino Monsters 2: Evolution. Last time, we had a guide that listed the location of every mino you can get through normal means. However, there are also a ton of minos that can only be obtained through the mino chest, which can be opened with gems. Today we’ll show you the best ways to get more gems without paying real money with our How to Get More Gems in Mino Monsters 2: Evolution guide!

1. Don’t miss the daily bonus!

If you log into the game at least once every day, you can claim the daily bonus. The first couple of days you’ll get keys, crystals, and coins, but on day five you’ll get some precious, precious gems! Be careful though – if you miss a day and don’t check in, the daily bonus will reset back to the day one bonus. Make it a habit of launching the game every day!

2. Always open the chests!

Make sure you have enough keys to open the chests at the end of each level. Usually the chests cost four keys to open, but sometimes you’ll run into ones that require eight keys. Always open these as they have an extremely high chance of containing gems inside. Simply put, open every single chest you come across!

3. Complete the quests!

On each island you’ll receive a series of quests that pertain to the storyline. Completing these will advance the story but also reward you with gems. Be sure to always do these as this is one of the best ways to earn gems.

4. Save your gems!

You might be tempted to spend your gems, but don’t do it! Unlocking an additional equipment slot for one of your minos is not worth it in the long run, especially considering it costs a whopping 20 gems to unlock! Also, opening the item chests is not worth it either. Although the cost is dramatically lower (5 gems), you can just craft items and go to Treasure Fields if you need potions.

By following these tips, you should be able to conserve enough gems so that you open up the Monster Chests. If you have any other tips on earning gems, leave a comment below!

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