Hey there Card Wars fans! Today we’re back with another guide on Card Wars Kingdom! This time, we will be looking at the different ways of earning gems, the premium currency of the game. As you know, you will need gems in order to have a chance at earning the rare powerful creatures in these kinds of game. So, let’s go over the ways we have discovered so far to earning gems. Let’s get started with our guide on how to get more gems in Card Wars Kingdom!

1. Log in every day for the Skeleton Chests!


The first time you log into the game on a new day, you can open a free skeleton chest containing certain rewards. The rewards are specific to each day, so in order to get them all you will need to check in often! It is okay if you miss a day though, your calendar will not reset. On days 5, 10, 14, 19, 22, 23, and 24, you will receive gems as the chest reward. Try to log into the game even if you do not plan on playing just so you can open your skeleton chest!

2. Complete all of the daily missions!

Daily missions are sets of missions that refresh every day. Normally, they are only worth bones, the currency you use for the regular pulls in the Treasure Cave. However, if you manage to finish all of them before the day is over, you will earn the “A Hard Days Work” mission, which rewards you with a nice 100 gems! Do you best to complete them as fast as you can before the day is over!

3. Complete the global missions!

Global missions, unlike the daily missions, are static missions and stay in the queue until they are completed. That means that you can take your time with these – there is no need to rush! The global missions are not particularly hard, but they do take a lot longer to complete than the daily missions. It is worth it to do them, and you do not even need to even actively try to complete them, as the missions involve objectives that you will naturally complete through playing the game! The objectives range from “destroy X amount of enemy creatures” or “play 25 corn cards”. This means that you will have to experiment with different types of elements, so do not be shy! The rewards for the global missions range from 125 gems to 150, so complete as many as you can!

4. Spend your gems wisely!

There are numerous ways to spend your gems in this game, and we will go over all the options here.

  • You can spend 100 gems to replenish your hearts. As you can probably guess, you should never spend your gems on this. You can just wait for your hearts to refill over time!
  • You can spend 100 gems to increase your inventory size by 5 slots. Eventually you are going to have to buy some of these, as you will quickly fill up with extra cards as you play the game. Fodder cards you can discard and use for fusion, but you will collect cards that you might actually want to try using.
  • You can spend either 25, 100, or 200 gems to open increasing amount of chests full of cake. While this can help you mass level up a bunch of your creature cards, it is usually best to stick to finding them during battle.
  • You can spend 500 gems to open a premium chest, which have the highest chance of pulling a rare creature. These are what you want to save up for. The better your creatures are, the easier the game will be for you, so you want to pull as many rare creatures as you can!

That’s all the gem collecting tips we have for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!




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