Monster Slayers are visitors that players can have in Dwarf Fortress to deal with monsters found in the Cavern Layer, and they can also be made into full-fledged citizens for different benefits. Seeing that, we have many players who want to learn how to get Monster Slayers in Dwarf Fortress. 

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How to Get Monster Slayers in Dwarf Fortress

You can get Monster Slayers for your Fortress right after you breach or reach your first Cavern layer in the depths. 

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As soon as you encounter and enter your first Cavern, you will find Monster Slayers as visitors at your Fortress. They will petition to stay and slay creatures in the Cavern. 

You can accept the petition, but you must know that the Monster Slayers cannot be given orders or any such things that you can do with the Dwarves in your Fortress. 

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They will roam around your Fortress, especially in the Meeting Hall, loiter in different areas, hunt in Caverns, make a sloppy mess, die, be in a bad mood, and then repeat. 

One good thing, “at least in a way,” is that they will hunt down monsters in the Cavern and leave drops like meat, bone, and hides. Which means you can easily acquire them without wasting many resources. 

But, there is a caveat to it. The Monster Slayers often tend to “not defeat” every monster in a pack and may run off to defeat another. So, they are not that efficient when it comes to monster slaying. 

How to Make Monster Slayer Citizens in Your Fortress

Instead of visitors, if you want to have Monster Slayer citizens in your Fortress, you must accept the long-term petition from the Monster Slayers and then send them to another Holding of yours. 

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After they return, wait for two years, and they will have a nuanced petition, one for citizenship. Accept it, and they will become a part of your Fortress and a regular citizen. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to get Monster Slayers in Dwarf Fortress. 

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How to Get Monster Slayers in Dwarf Fortress


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