Greaves is a type of clothing that protects the legs of Dwarves in the Dwarf Fortress. It gives protection against inflicted damage and helps a lot in keeping your Dwarves alive. So, if you plan to explore the Caverns or any other area filled with enemies, you must know how to get Greaves in Dwarf Fortress. 

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How to Get Greaves in Dwarf Fortress

You can make Greaves at the Craftsdwarf’s workshop using stacks of bones or at the Metalsmith’s forge using metal bars. 

At the Craftdwarf’s workshop, to make a Greave, you need three stacks of bones. Make sure each stack has more than one bone. On the same note, it doesn’t matter how big a bone stack is. So, if you don’t want to waste unnecessary resources, organize the stacks of bones before making a Greaves. 

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The above will give you Bone Greaves, a part of the plate armor level. But when it comes to protection, they fall between copper and bronze armor leggings. 

Now, if you want to make Metal Greaves, you need two pieces of Metal Bars. If you are wondering where you can get Metal Bars? Well! You can obtain them by smelting metal ores in the Smelter. 

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Also, if you don’t know how to get Bones in Dwarf Fortress? You can get them from dead animals or by killing animals. Once you have the bones, you can stack them and then use them to craft the Bone Greaves at the Craftdwarf’s workshop. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to get Greaves in Dwarf Fortress. 

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How to Get Greaves in Dwarf Fortress


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