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How to Get Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel

How to Get Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel

The ultimate collaboration event has arrived in Street Fighter: Duel! Gore Magala, the black eclipse wyvern from the Monster Hunter world, has invaded the streets, and Ken has donned armor to take it head on.

An all new unit, Gore Magala Ken, debuts with this crossover event. In this guide, you can learn how to get Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel.

Getting Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel

The Monster Invasion crossover event has officially begun in Street Fighter: Duel. This is a big crossover event involving Capcom’s own Monster Hunter series, and it features Gore Magala, the flagship monster from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as a new boss.

To combat Gore Magala, Ken dons its armor and becomes Gore Magala Ken, an extremely powerful unit. The best part? You can get a trial version of him for free that lasts for three days!

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Go to the event menu from the title screen, then select Limited-time experience, where you can rent a powered-up Gore Magala Ken for three days. You should definitely do this, as it will make the event missions easier to complete.

Tap on the Monster Invasion button on the main menu to get to the event page. In order to get a permanent version of Gore Magala Ken, you need to perform special Time-Limited Wishes, which can be accessed on this menu.

To perform a wish, you need a special currency called Wyvern Tears. These are pretty hard to come by, and here is why.

The first method of obtaining Wyvern Tears is by defeating Gore Magala. This is quite the task, and it’s packing a ton of HP, so you’ll be working together with other players over several hours and days just to take it down one time.

  • 4 Gore Magala kills: 2 Wyvern Tears
  • 5 Gore Magala kills: 2 Wyvern Tears
  • 6 Gore Magala kills: 3 Wyvern Tears

The second method of earning Wyvern Tears involves getting enough Hunt EXP to rank up. You earn Hunt EXP whenever you complete any of the event hunting missions, and your Hunter Rank (HR) increases once you get enough. You get one Wyvern Tear when you hit HR4, HR5, and HR6.

If you do all the things we just listed, you’ll have exactly ten Wyvern Tears, so you can perform the Wish x 10. Unfortunately, you’re not guaranteed to get Gore Magala Ken with your wishes. The upside is that if you perform 60 wishes, you automatically receive Gore Magala Ken.

Aside from these methods, the only other way to get Wyvern Tears is to just straight up buy them with real money from the Mall, under Gore Magala Shop. Hopefully you get lucky with the free Wyvern Tears.

That concludes our guide on how to get Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Monster Hunter Ken in Street Fighter: Duel


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