The Molten Armor is the best pre-Hardmode armor in Terraria as it provides the highest defense when compared to other pre-Hardmode armors. It not only excels at defense but, equipping the entire set of Molten Armor gives players a set bonus that increases Melee damage by 10% and it cannot be set on fire.

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There is no doubt that the Molten Armor is a must-have armor in Terraria. However, getting one is a daunting task. In the wake of that, to help players out, we have prepared a handy guide that talks about how you can get the entire set of Molten Armor in Terraria.

How to Get Molten Armor

Players can get the entire set of Molten Armor via crafting. All they need is Hellstone Bar and an Iron or Lead Anvil.

  • To craft the Molten Armor Helmet, players need ten Hellstone Bar.
  • To craft the Molten Armor Breastplate, players need twenty Hellstone Bar.
  • To craft the Molten Armor Greaves, players need fifteen Hellstone Bar.

Once you have enough Hellstone Bar, go to an Iron or Lead anvil, interact with it and craft the Molten Armor set.

How to Get Hellstone Bar

Players can craft a Hellstone Bar at the Hellforge using three Hellstones and one Obsidian.

To craft the entire Molten Armor set, players need forty-five Hellstone Bars. And, to craft that many Hellstone Bars, players need 135 Hellstone and 45 Obsidian.

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Players can farm the Hellstone Ore in The Underworld layer using a Nightmare/ Deathbringer Pickaxe or other high-quality pickaxes.

Obsidian is yet another ore that players can find in The Underworld layer at locations where water and lava collide.

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