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Terraria’s Master Ninja Gear is a hard-mode accessory that combines the abilities of the three items that are combined to create it. The Master Ninja Gear is only available after the defeat of three mechanical bosses and one hardmode boss.

Master Ninja Gear gives the player the abilities of a ninja:

  • Climbing over/sliding down/clinging to walls
  • Dashing quickly
  • Dodging attacks

The gear is only obtained after first defeating three mechanical bosses:

  • The Destroyer
  • The Twins
  • Skeletron

After the defeat of those three, it is possible to defeat the hardmode boss Plantera in the Underground Jungle. After Plantera’s defeat new enemies will spawn who hold new weapons, items, and accessories- these include the Tabi and the Black Belt, both of which are needed to craft the Master Ninja Gear.

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To craft the Master Ninja Gear players will first need to craft the Tiger Climbing Gear using the Climbing Claws (found in Surface and Water Chests, Wooden and Pearlwood Crates) and Shoe Spikes (found in Underground Gold Chests and Underground Jungle Rich Mahogany Chests).

Craft Master Ninja Gear

Combine the Tiger Climbing Gear, Tabi (dropped by Bone Lee), and Black Belt (also dropped by Bone Lee) at the Tinkerer’s Workshop to create the Master Ninja Gear.

Good luck!

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