How to Get Married in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a huge online multiplayer RPG available to play through Apple App Store and Google Play. Create a character, get dressed up, and explore the vast world of Rune Midgard, completing quests and adventuring to your heart’s content! Part of this massive adventure includes the ability to have pets, make friends, and even get married. Find out more below.

Getting Married in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

There are three types of wedding:

  • Simple Wedding with free wedding blessings on World Chat
  • Marriage with 128 Big Cat Coins with free wedding blessings on World Chat, luxury wedding vehicles and wedding parades
  • Marriage with 648 Big Cat Coins with free wedding blessings on World Chat, luxury wedding vehicles and wedding parades, and a Wedding Sky.
Getting married in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Players who get married gain specific skills and abilities:

  • Teleportation to partner
  • Teleportation to the Honeymoon Room (Amatsu)
  • Both partners receive +1% base and Job exp

To propose marriage, players must be at least level 92, and must complete an Amatsu City mission. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Izlude and speak to an NPC who can get you aboard a ship
  2. Travel to Amatsu on the ship
  3. Meet Hanako under a cherry blossom tree
  4. Follow simple prompts to complete that quest
  5. Upon completing of that quest a new NPC will appear called ‘Lovesick’ and answer the questions:
    1. When your partner is in danger what will you do? Save Them
    2. What would you do if others liked you too? Decline Them Wisely
    3. Withered trees revived by Spring rains and new leaves appear, Autumn comes and blows away the leaves. In this story who do you want to be? The Withered Tree
  6. Talk to the NPC ‘Warm Wind’ and answer their questions:
    1. From now onwards, times of joy, times of sorrow, times of poverty, times of richness, illness and health, til death do us part. Agree
    2. Promise to protect your partner. Agree
    3. What colour represents your partner? Choose any
  7. Talk to NPC ‘Sakura’ and Agree to guard your partner.
  8. Return to NPC Hanako.
NPC locations marriage ragnarok m eternal love
NPC locations (Ragnarok M Eternal Love)

Next players must purchase items and organise the wedding::

  1. Visit Prontera and find the NPC in front of the church
  2. Buy wedding items such as rings and dresses
  3. Set the date
  4. Use Wedding Process to invite friends and view your progress
  5. Enter the Church
  6. Change into wedding attire, bring the ring
  7. Meet the NPC in the middle of the church and begin the ceremony!

You can now decide whether to meet the NPC outside the church and go on a Honeymoon.

Good luck and happy wedding day!

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How to Get Married in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


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