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How to Get Madara in All Star Tower Defense – Roblox

How to Get Madara in All Star Tower Defense – Roblox
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Even though the most valuable heroes in Roblox All Star Tower Defense are significantly overestimated, many players daily push their limits to get a desired hero. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get Madara in All Star Tower Defense. Moreover, we will talk about this hero’s stats and other important information.

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How to Unlock Madara in All Star Tower Defense

Legendary Leader is the prototype of Madara in All Star Tower Defense. Therefore, talking about getting Madara, we will show how to get Legendary Leader. 

As of 2023, it is impossible to get Madara in the shop. He could be obtained from the Christmas Box III in 2021, but this opportunity is no longer available in the game.

But deleting Christmas Box III from All Star Tower Defense did not make Madara unobtainable. At the moment of writing, Legendary Leader is tradable, and you can quickly get him by trading with other players.

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The only disadvantage is that Madara is significantly overestimated. Even though he is Tier A, 90% of players who sell Legendary Leader would ask you to give a few Tier S heroes for Madara. That’s why purchasing Madara is not the best decision if you are not a big fan of Naruto.

Madara Stats

The significance of Madara’s popularity was caused by his popularity in the Anime community. But if you are interested in the practical usage of this character, check the table below. Here you can find out more about Madara’s stats.

1Damage: 2,450Range: 45SPA: 6.45DPS: 379.84
175Damage: 5,247Range: 45SPA: 6.45DPS: 813.63
1 (Upgrade 15)Damage: 768,700Range: 140.3SPA: 6.45DPS: 119,178.29
175 (Upgrade 15)Damage: 1,646,555.4Range: 140.3SPA: 6.45DPS: 255,279.91

That’s it with getting Madara in All Star Tower Defense. Even though Legendary Leader has one of the most powerful stats in the game, he can not boast outstanding effectiveness. Therefore, opting for another way of investing your resources would be best.

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How to Get Madara in All Star Tower Defense – Roblox


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