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How to Get All Map Badges in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival

How to Get All Map Badges in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival

One of the most popular survival games in Roblox is Natural Disaster Survival. Players must attempt to stay alive as long as possible while chaos rains from the sky. The entire map shakes, buildings topple, and debris falls, so players must run about to save themselves. Badges can be unlocked for every map survived.

The guide below will show how to get all map badges in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival.

Every Map Badge Available in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival

There are a total of 21 maps to try to survive in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival. 6 of these maps has a badge you can unlock by completing certain survival attempts.

Happy Home2 story house with see-saw and slide outside and 3 trees.House Flood: survive during a flash flood
Sky Tower3-section tall buildingn/a
Trailer ParkContains a water tower, and some houses.Tornado vs. Trailer Park: survive a tornado
Fort IndestructibleA small fort and a very tall tower, with 3 tanks and a helicopter. GET TO THE CHOPPA!: survive a thunderstorm
Glass OfficeTwo tall glass buildings.n/a
Surf CentralContains a lifeguard tower, a shop, and elevated ground.Surf’s Up!: survive during a tsunami
Rakish RefineryHome to an oil station.n/a
Sunny RanchA barn with 2 silos and a tractor, and haystacks.Barn Fire: survive a fire
Arch ParkA park with a hotdog stand, a statue, picnic area, and an arch.n/a
Raving RacewayA racetrack, cars, and tunnel.n/a
Coastal QuickstopAn area with docking platforms, a lighthouse, and a couple of buildings.n/a
Lucky MartA market with trees and a parking lot.n/a
Party PalaceA theme park with a drop tower, other games, and a restaurant.n/a
Heights SchoolA large building with two levels.n/a
Furious StationHas a gas station, billboard and shop. n/a
Launch LandA functional rocket and two towers, and four buttons to press.Rocket Escape!: ride on the rocket
Prison PanicHas a watchtower, canteen, and weight lifting room. Also has 12 cells and a lookout post.n/a
Safety SecondIncludes a building, two cranes, some diggers, and pipes.n/a
Rainbow RideContains a huge ferris wheel, and a glass shelter. n/a
Modest HeadquartersHas the Roblox headquarters and a fountain.n/a
Manic MansionA big building with a pool and an attic.n/a

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Those are all of the available map badges when playing Roblox Natural Disaster Survival. Why not check out more Roblox guides in our dedicated section.

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How to Get All Map Badges in Roblox Natural Disaster Survival


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