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How to Get Lumberjack Outfit in Old School RuneScape

Learn how to get the new outdoorsy Lumberjack outfit in Old School RuneScape.

It is time to log some hours into Old School RuneScape‘s newest update, the Woodcutting expansion! If you could not tell from the name, this update focuses on expanding the Woodcutting skill by introducing new mechanics, items, and more. Seasoned Woodcutters can even get themselves a snazzy new outfit, so here is everything you need to know about how to get the Lumberjack outfit in Old School RuneScape.

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Getting the Lumberjack outfit in Old School RuneScape

Ready to chop some trees? To get started on your Woodcutting journey, head to either Draynor Village in the Kingdom of Misthalin or Seers’ Village in the Kingdom of Kandarin. The Friendly Forester NPC is waiting for you in either village—look for the Forestry Shop icon on your map.

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Talk to the Friendly Forester to buy the Forestry Kit for 120 coins, which comes with everything you need to start taking advantage of the new Woodcutting mechanics. If he tells you to come back later, that means your Woodcutting skill is too low, so go chop some basic trees to level it up.

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The Friendly Forester also sells some unique items in his Forestry Shop. The only type of currency he accepts is Anima-Infused Bark, which is earned by participating in Forestry events. Naturally, you can purchase the Lumberjack outfit from the Forestry Shop. Here are the prices:

  • Lumberjack Hat: 1,200 Anima-Infused Bark, 200 Yew Logs (noted) and 100 Magic Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Top: 1,500 Anima-Infused Bark, 60 Yew Logs (noted), 120 Magic Logs (noted) and 120 Redwood Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Legs: 1,300 Anima-Infused Bark, 160 Yew Logs (noted) and 140 Magic Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Boots: 1,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 200 Yew Logs (noted)

You can acquire the logs by chopping down the appropriate trees, but how exactly do you amass that much Anima-Infused Bark? The way it works is that whenever a player with a Forestry Kit chops down a tree, there is a chance that a random event will occur. The rarer the tree, the higher chance of an event starting.

These events have you performing a variety of feats, including cutting rampant roots, helping bees pollinate flowers, growing saplings, and more. Every time you complete an event, you earn Woodcutting XP and of course Anima-Infused Bark. Basically, cut down as many trees as you can!

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How to Get Lumberjack Outfit in Old School RuneScape