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How to Get Log Basket in Old School RuneScape

How to Get Log Basket in Old School RuneScape
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Grab your Forestry Kit, pack your tools, and head out to the great forest to chop some trees in Old School RuneScape‘s newest update, the Woodcutting expansion! This update introduces events that can occur whenever you chop trees, and there are a slew of brand-new items that can help you become the ultimate lumberjack, such as the Log Basket. Here is how to get the Log Basket in Old School RuneScape.

Getting the Log Basket in Old School RuneScape

The Woodcutting expansion update introduces new Woodcutting activities, gear, and more. To get started, visit either Draynor Village in the Kingdom of Misthalin or Seers’ Village in the Kingdom of Kandarin. The Friendly Forester NPC is waiting for you in either village—look for the Forestry Shop icon on your map.

If your Woodcutting skill is high enough, the Friendly Forester sells you the Forestry Kit for 120 coins, which includes everything you need to get started. If he tells you to come back after felling a master tree, then your Woodcutting level is too low—raise it by chopping basic trees.

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Whenever a player chops down a tree with a Forestry Kit equipped, there is a chance that a random Woodcutting event may occur. Nearby players are alerted to this, and they can join in to earn more rewards.

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Clearing Woodcutting events rewards you with Woodcutting XP and Anima-Infused Bark, a special currency that can be exchanged in the Friendly Forester’s Forestry Shop for kit upgrades and other items, which includes the Log Basket. To buy the Log Basket, you need:

  • Anima-Infused Bark x 5,000
  • Willow Logs (noted) x 300
  • Magic Logs (noted) x 300

The Log Basket functions like a Fish Barrel, as it can store up to 28 different types of logs, drastically saving on inventory space. No lumberjack worth their salt leaves their house without a Log Basket, so this should be one of the first upgrades you purchase.

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How to Get Log Basket in Old School RuneScape