Much like any other game, the Letters in Animal Restaurant are a bunch of 125 collectibles. In the beginning the entire journey might seem a bit overwhelming since different letters can be collected by a combination of varied ingredients and mailboxes. Launched in 2019, this business simulation idle mobile phone game bears a stark resemblance with George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm. 

The game is broadly based on a hungry stray cat that finds a group of cats one day. While one of them offered the stray cat some food (cod), the other cat suggested that the stray cat could lend a helping hand for the restaurant they are about to start. So the stray cat lands a job at this new restaurant called Gumi’s Kitchen. The overall objective is to get more cod, buy new recipes, take care of restaurant maintenance expenditures, generate more revenue and ultimately grow the business. 

So what role do Letters in Animal Restaurant play? Read further to know. 

How to get Letters in Animal Restaurant?

Currently, this game has 250 different customers that are humans and other species, each has a story that are available through letters and other events. To start receiving letters, you will have to unlock the Garden area and buy your first mailbox (Garden Facility). As part of your staff, you will have to appoint Messenger Hedwig who will bring you most of the letters. However, the letters that are time-specific can’t be obtained by Hedwig. 

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The items that have to be placed in different slots for Hedwig’s mail are Ingredient (Flower/Gardening Tool), Flower Level, and Mailbox Type. The letters will be received after you enter multiple combinations of these items. This will help you receive a variety of letters and thus, unlock more cod, points and other rewards in the game. 

Basic trial and error is the only way you can receive these letters. Let us know your experience. 

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How to get Letters in Animal Restaurant


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