How to Get Legendary MX9 in COD Mobile

How to Get Legendary MX9 in COD Mobile

Legendary weapons are one of the most desired things in COD Mobile. Mostly, legendary weapons are only premium items, and you can not get them without donating to a game. So, let’s find out how it is with legendary mx9.

How to Obtain Legendary mx9 in Cod mobile

First, you need to know that there are only 2 legendary mx9 in the game. The first is Heartless mx9, and the second is new Exostatic. They are quite different. Therefore, there is no point in comparing these skins.

Unfortunately, mx9 Heartless is no longer available to get. This weapon was in the game 8 months ago and you could get it by completing a battle pass or by purchasing a wetland warrior draw. However, it might be changed in the future.

So, now you can obtain mx9 Exostatic. You have to open a skirmisher draw in the shop. And there are no guarantees that you will get it, even if you open the draw 100 times. That makes getting this weapon for simple players nearly unreal.

But there still is one way to get it for free. It is participating in giveaways. When a new legendary item is released, many players make the giveaways with the simplest rules. Of course, if you take part in only 1 giveaway, your chances to get mx9 Exostatic will be too low. However, if you participate in a few giveaways, you will have much more chances to get this weapon.

That’s all with getting legendary mx9 in COD mobile. Hope you will obtain it easily.

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How to Get Legendary MX9 in COD Mobile


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