How to Get Legendary Items in Maximus 2

How to Get Legendary Items in Maximus 2

In Maximus 2 you can get 4 types of weapons. The legendary items are the rarest ones in the game. They have the best characteristic and boosts you so that you will become nearly invincible to common enemies. So, let’s find out how to get the best items in the game.

How to Gain Legendary Weapon in Maximus 2

The best rule is that the more you play, the higher the chance of getting legendary items.

You start the game from scratch and incrementally improve your character when fighting. And the chance of getting an item is random. To understand it, you have to imagine an invisible bar. And this scale is equal to 5 minutes. This bar decreases every second that enemies are fighting against you. Also, when you are dealing damage to the enemies bar decreases as well. In this way, 25 damage is 1 second.

When this bar is filled up, there is a 2% chance of dropping a legendary item for you, that’s how it works. After that, the bar refills and starts to go down again so that you have to fill it one more time. However, this scale refills in 2 more cases:

  1. When you complete the game stage.
  2. When you pass away before you reach the checkpoint.

Therefore, you need to be careful when you’re playing. And notice, when the scale is filled up, there still is some chance of getting less rare items.

That’s all for now, hope you will get your first legendary on the first try.

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How to Get Legendary Items in Maximus 2


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