How to Get Legendary Cues In 8 Ball Pool


Legendary Cue is one of the best ways to stand out among all players in 8 Ball Pool. Moreover, using such cues will give you additional benefits throughout the game, which is perfect. However, how to get legendary cues in 8 Ball Pool? Read this guide, and you will find out. Let’s get started!

Getting Legendary Cues in 8 Ball Pool

Legendary Cue is a pretty rare item in the 8 Ball Pool. Therefore, there are a lot of myths about them. Also, many players try to scam and steal accounts by giving free legendary cues. So, the main tip you need to know before starting is that in the game, there is no Legendary Cue that you can get effortlessly without paying real money. Keep it in mind, and the possibility of losing your account will be much lower. And let’s start with the tips.

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Buy Legendary Special Offers

It is the simplest way to get a Legendary Cue. However, it will cost you real money. Or not? Not every time, to be honest, there are special offers in which you can buy Legendary Cues using the Pool Cash. But you need to have a lot of cash to get powerful cues. Also, remember that it is random; you might get a beneficial offer on the first day or not get it even in 1 year.

Open Victory Boxes

This is the most effort-required way to get a legendary cue. By opening victory boxes, you will not instantly obtain a legendary cue but collect its pieces. And if you play for a long time, you have a high chance of getting a legendary cue effortlessly. 

Spin the Wheel

100% random way, but if you are lucky, it’s the easiest option to get legendary cues. Spinning the wheel guarantees you some reward. So, just do not let your free spin be unused, and maybe you will meet a fortune; nobody knows.

In conclusion, it is impossible to get the Legendary Cue effortlessly. The only way is to work a lot and buy it for real money, or play a lot and get it by collecting legendary cuee pieces. That is how it is.

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How to Get Legendary Cues In 8 Ball Pool


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