How to Get Leena in Chrono Cross


Chrono Cross is an interesting single-player RPG that has as many as 45 characters that you can recruit. After you recruit a character, you can always add him to your team so that he travels with you. But some characters can be permanently banned from you if, at a certain point in the game, you make the wrong decision. Leena is one of those characters and today we will help you seize the moment and get her.

How to Get Leena in Chrono Cross

Leena is one of the best mages in the game and as such we highly recommend getting her for every player.

To get Leena, you need to do the following:

  • During your first journey to Cape Hole, you will fight soldiers.
  • After defeating them, the Kid character will ask you to accept him into your team.
  • You need to tell him no. After that, the game will offer 2 more times to add this character to your group, but you still need to refuse.
  • Next, you need to go to the village of Arni and spend the whole day relaxing there.
  • If you do all this, Leena will come to you in the morning and ask you to join your team.

We would like to reassure you a little. Even if you turn down the Kid character, you can still recruit him later, once you get to the next town. If you got Kid right away, you could use his “Teleport” ability and quickly change your team in safe locations. But getting Leena is much more profitable, and having a bit of patience with the teleport is not a high price to pay for it.

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How to Get Leena in Chrono Cross


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