Large Scales is a forging material in Wild Hearts that players can use to craft and upgrade certain weapons to make the Kemono hunt a little easier. 

While progressing the game’s story in Wild Hearts, when players reach Chapter 2, they can see certain weapons and upgrades that require Large Scales and a few other items to forge. But since there is no clear description of how to get them and their drop being tied to game progression, many players struggle to proceed with the process. 

Seeing that, we are here with a handy guide that explains how you can get Large Scales in Wild Hearts

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How to Get Large Scales in Wild Hearts

You can get Large Scales from two different types of Small Kemono. The first one is Springwatch Monitor, whom you can find relatively early in the game in Harugasumi Way, and the Sparkshower Monitor, whom you encounter in Akikure Canyon and Natsukodachi Isle. 

Now, if the Kemono are available to hunt in early game locations, why is it hard to obtain Large Scales in Wild Hearts? Well! The answer is that Small Kemono doesn’t drop Large Scales as a drop loot until you reach Chapter 3. 

So if you hunt them before reaching Chapter 3, they will have a different item drop. That aside, the Springwatch Monitor has two drops, each with a 50% drop rate. These are:

  • Lizard Blooms 
  • Large Scales

And that is why we recommend players hunt Sparkshower Monitor, whose location you can sort out by opening the in-game map and filtering Small Kemono in the Akikure Canyon or Natsukodachi Isle.

That concludes our guide on how to get Large Scales in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is available on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. For more on Wild Hearts, check out our dedicated Wild Hearts section. 

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How to Get Large Scales in Wild Hearts


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