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How to get Kid Buu (Boo Kid) in All Star Tower Defense

How to get Kid Buu (Boo Kid) in All Star Tower Defense
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The pink and plump alien with a psychopathic sweet tooth from the Dragon Ball universe has arrived in Roblox All Star Tower Defense! Majin Buu is one of the most infamous villains in the Dragon Ball series, thanks to his comical yet threatening design. All three forms of Majin Buu are in the game, and we can show you how to get Kid Buu (Boo Kid) in Roblox All Star Tower Defense.

Getting Boo Kid in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Boo (Kid), originally known as Kid Buu in the Dragon Ball universe, is the ultimate form of Majin Buu. By destroying the chunky version of Buu, Super Buu can transform back into his original and strongest form, Kid Buu. This is the form that battles Goku and friends during the finale of the Majin Buu arc in Dragon Ball Z.

Getting Boo (Kid) in Roblox All Star Tower Defense is quite the lengthy process. We must preface this with the fact that the only way to obtain Boo (Kid) is through buying the Star Pass, which costs 799 Robux. Unfortunately, there is no way around this, so you must spend real money on Robux if you want Boo (Kid).

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Once you have purchased the Star Pass, you automatically unlock Boo (Mind) at tier 1, which is the basic form of Majin Buu. Now, you have to level up your Star Pass by completing missions until you reach tier 50, at which point you earn a special item called BuuEvolve1.

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You can use the BuuEvolve1 on Boo (Mind) to evolve him into Boo (Evil), the second and middle form of Majin Buu’s true appearance. He is not quite at his full power yet, so now you must max out the Star Pass at tier 100.

At tier 100, you earn another special item called BuuEvolve2. As you can probably guess, this can be used to evolve Boo (Evil) into his ultimate form, Boo (Kid). And that is it—you now own one of the newest 7-star characters in Roblox All Star Tower Defense!

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How to get Kid Buu (Boo Kid) in All Star Tower Defense